Blake Neffendorf

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Blake Neffendorf-headshot-2Blake Neffendorf
City of Buda Assistant Director of Public Works

Subject Area ExpertiseAquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR), Environmental Sciences, Environmental Protection, Groundwater, Hydrogeology, Public Works Issues, Water Planning and Conservation, Water Quality, and Water and Wastewater Operations.

Blake Neffendorf serves as the City of Buda’s assistant director of Public Works and has been employed with the City since 2018. With limited water resources and a rapidly growing community, the City of Buda has been proactive in reducing overall water use through multiple approaches. Neffendorf has the responsibility of overseeing the City’s Aquifer Storage and Recovery Pilot Well Project, and in 2019, he managed the replacement of 4,000 water meters to a new AMI system—complete with a WaterSmart Customer Portal. Neffendorf also is working to expand the City’s reuse water system and serves as treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Alliance Regional Water Authority (ARWA). He previously spent more than 10 years working for the Texas Water Development Board in the Groundwater Division as a Program Supervisor overseeing the statewide real-time groundwater monitoring network.

Neffendorf earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Geography with emphasis in Earth Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

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