Weather Updates

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Inclement Weather Approaching the Central Texas Area

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Hays County, and it will remain in effect until noon Feb. 1. This winter weather event will be marked by prolonged periods of cold, with many locations of the Hill Country not expected to warm back to above freezing until Wednesday, Feb. 1. 

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Winter Weather Safety Tips

Preparing for winter weather this holiday week is important as freezing temperatures approach. Please consider exercising the following safety tips below.

  • Insulate indoor and outside pipes, turn off outside faucets, and locate the main water shutoff valve to shut off the water supply in an emergency. 
  • Let your faucets drip and open interior cabinets so the plumbing can receive heat.
  • Remain indoors if possible. If you must go out, dress accordingly, with layered, wind-resistant clothing, head covering—including your ears—and gloves or mittens to protect yourself against frostbite.
  • Have emergency heating equipment approved for indoor use and appropriate fuel. Gas, kerosene, or propane heaters should not be used indoors because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • In case of power loss, have emergency lighting, such as flashlights or lanterns, with a supply of batteries or fuel.
  • Keep an emergency supply of ready-to-eat, non-perishable food, and an emergency supply of water on hand. Ensure you have a manual can opener available.
  • Listen to your radio or TV for weather and emergency information. Have a battery-powered radio with spare batteries in case your electricity goes out.
  • Travel only if absolutely necessary. If you must travel, do so in daylight. Have emergency supplies in your vehicle. Keep a blanket in your vehicle. Consider the use of snow tires or snow chains if appropriate. 
  • Check on your family, friends, the elderly, and your neighbors.

Learn how to shut off your water if you have a pipe burst by watching this YouTube video.

You can contact the City's Public Works Department after hours at 512-749-0478. Residents can contact this number if it's an emergency for street-related items such as obstruction of roadways, missing stop signs, or water or wastewater issues related to disruption of city services.

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