Employee Benefit Program

Benefit Program
Our employees are our most valuable asset, that’s why at City of Buda we are committed to a comprehensive Employee Benefit Program that helps our employees stay healthy, feel secure, and maintain a work/life balance. We are committed to providing a generous benefits program.

Health & Wellness Benefits


HEALTH BENEFITS (UnitedHealthcare) City of Buda employees who are hired in permanent full-time positions with a workweek of 30 hours or more are eligible for health coverage the first day of the month following the completion of thirty continuous days of employment. The city pays 70% of the employee’s dependent premium.

MEDICAL REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAM The City will reimburse employees for medical expenses under the health insurance incurred during the plan year (Jan-Dec.). Employees “only” are eligible for this program. Employees are responsible for the first $750 of their medical expenses approved through insurance regardless if it is an out-of-pocket expense. City reimburses up to the out of pocket max once an employee has met their $750. City also reimburses $10 on any office visit or prescription co-pay amount.


DENTAL & VISION INSURANCE (MetLife) Regular, full-time employees are automatically covered by the City's dental and vision insurance plan the first day of the month following the completion of thirty continuous days of employment. Dependent coverage is also available, and the city will pay 50% of the dependent premium.

WELLNESS INCENTIVES Specialized wellness incentives are offered thru UnitedHealthcare. Employees can register at myuhc.com. Nurse support is available 24 hours a day/7days a week. Member discounts offered at gyms plus much more. The City of Buda’s YMCA will waive all city employees’ enrollment fee when becoming a member. 

Future Planning


RETIREMENT (TMRS) The City of Buda is a member of the Texas Municipal Retirement System. Membership in the system is compulsory upon employment for all regular employees. The employee's contribution to the system is seven percent of their gross salary. The City matches the employee's contribution 2:1 with a 5-year vesting period.

Additional provisions: Supplemental Death Benefits (Employee - 1 year salary & Retiree - $7500)
Calculating Benefits: 100% Updated Service Credit (with Transfer) – Auto Readopt *if salary increases
70% Annuity Increase - Auto-Readopt, Restricted Service Credit *Time credit applied 


LIFE INSURANCE (UNUM) Regular, full-time employees are automatically covered by a $25,000 life insurance policy the first day of the month following the completion of thirty days of employment. The City pays the employee premium.

ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT (UNUM) Regular, full-time employees are automatically covered by a $25,000 AD&D policy the first day of the month following the completion of thirty days of employment for accidental death or loss of an arm, leg, or eyesight.

Paid Time Off

VACATION LEAVE Vacation time provides employees with an opportunity to rest, relax, and refresh themselves, which benefits both the employee and the City. All employees are encouraged to take their earned vacations.

 Accrual: Regular full employees of the City will earn paid vacation leave. Temporary, part-time, and seasonal employees will not earn vacation leave. Employees earn and may use paid vacation leave during their Introductory Period. Accrual is done monthly and will be shown on the employee paystub.

Full-Time Regular Employees:

1st Year (up to 12 months) - 80 Hours Annually 

2nd – 4th Years (13 months – 48 months) - 96 Hours Annually

4th thru 7th Years (49 months – 84 months) - 120 Hours Annually 

8th and more years (85 months+) - 160 Hours Annually 

COMPENSATION TIME Compensatory time off may be granted to non-exempt employees who worked over forty (40) hours in a week. Compensatory time is calculated as overtime (above) but is “banked” to take as leave at a later date. Exempt employees are entitled to compensatory time off for hours worked beyond 40 in a work period. Compensatory time shall be calculated at the rate of one-for-one for each hour past 40 hours worked. For more details, please read the employee handbook. 

SICK LEAVE Sick leave is a benefit provided to regular City employees to be used when an employee is unable to work due to personal injury, illness or routine medical appointments of the employee or of a member of the employee's dependent family. (Dependent family member is defined as husband, wife, daughter, son, mother, father, ward/guardianship or other family members who are legally dependent upon the employee including step family.)

Accrual: All regular full-time employees will accrue sick leave benefits at the rate of one hundred and twenty (120) hours per year of service. Accumulation of sick leave is limited to seven hundred and twenty (720) hours. Temporary, part-time, and seasonal employees will not earn sick leave.

CITY HOLIDAYS Employees will receive the following 15 paid holidays per year. Holidays include New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,Indigenous People's Day (Formerly Known as Columbus Day), Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Floating Day. 

Additional Benefits

LONGEVITY All regular full-time employees employed for 1 year or more shall be eligible for additional compensation at a rate of eight dollars ($8.00) per month of continuous service with the City up to a maximum of twenty (20) years. This pay will be awarded annually, as a lump sum, during December each year, and only eligible employees who are in an active pay status on December 1st will receive this benefit.

TUITION REIMBURSEMENT ASSISTANCE Tuition reimbursement benefits are available to regular full-time employees who have successfully completed their probationary period. Tuition must be for degrees or programs related to and benefiting the city, as determined by the Department Head.


GROW, LEARN, BUDA - The City of Buda’s employee engagement program for staff. Through this program, the Human Resource department is able to improve education, development, and communication with staff by keeping them engaged and listening to their feedback. Each month a calendar gets sent to all staff with announcements, upcoming events, training, and lunch-and-learns. This program also includes the City of Buda’s Employee Intranet page which incorporates all internal communication, Grow, Learn, Buda event, announcements, pictures, current employee spotlight video, weekly newsletter, and much more.


EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (UNUM) The City offers an employee assistance program to all active employees. The EAP offers individuals the opportunity to consult with professional service providers to help resolve personal problems. Services under the EAP are limited to a specified number of appointments per year. Ongoing assistance beyond the EAP limits may be available as part of the City's medical benefits depending on the situation. To learn more or request your EAP wallet card, please contact Human Resources.


TML - The City of Buda offers online training through TML. TML is an innovative online learning solution that drives increased employee engagement through dynamic content and technology. Offering more than 3,300 online courses and videos for public entities covering topics ranging from customer service to health and wellness, human resources development and more, TMLAcademy helps meet the challenges of the changing workforce within local government.

Voluntary Benefits

Employees are eligible for voluntary benefits the first day of the month following the completion of thirty continuous days of employment. The employee pays the premium at a group rate. This is done through payroll deductions.


AFLAC Voluntary benefits offered include a cancer plan, accident, critical care protection, short-term disability, etc.


LEGALSHIELD LegalShield is a supplemental payroll deduction benefit that can help you worry less about you and your covered family members' legal and identity theft matters.


NATIONWIDE - DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLANS Nationwide Retirement Solutions is a deferred compensation programs that allow employees to enjoy a tax savings by reducing his/her taxable income.


ADDITIONAL LIFE INSURANCE (UNUM) Employees have the option to purchase additional Voluntary Life / AD&D insurance coverage for themself, spouse and dependent child.