Unified Development Code

This area is responsible for most facets of administering the Unified Development Code. The Unified Development Code is a comprehensive ordinance containing nearly all regulations related to the physical development of a piece of property. This area also handles requests for rezoning, variances, special exceptions and conditional use permits.

Land development can be a complex process. To help make it a bit easier, the City organizes a weekly Development Review Committee meeting. This meeting serves as an opportunity to get everybody involved in the land development process into the same room to answer a potential applicant’s questions. Whether you’re simply trying to subdivide your lot, change the zoning or your property, or considering a multi-million dollar development, these meetings can make your experience much more efficient.

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NEW Development Guide
The City of Buda is excited to introduce the updated Development Guide.  We are dedicated to assist applicants in
planning and navigating the development review and permitting process.


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