Comprehensive & Long Range Plans

Comprehensive Plan

** The comprehensive Plan and Downtown Master Plan are in the process of being revised.  Please visit for more information and to share your thoughts on how we should plan for Buda's future**

A comprehensive plan is a “blue print” for the future of a city. It articulates the vision of the community as to what its citizens want it to become in the future. It identifies the goals the community aspires to reach as it grows. It is a document that will guide policy decisions about growth and change.

The City has faced tremendous growth in the past decade, and that growth is anticipated to continue over the next decade. The Comprehensive Plan evaluates where Buda is today and looks at components of the city such as downtown, parks, city infrastructure, and quality of life. The plan helps develop a citizen-created vision for how the city grows over the next 10 to 20 years. Based on this vision and trends of today, the plan makes recommendations to accommodate and manage future growth.

After over a year of hard work, committed involvement, and diligent review, Buda City Council unanimously adopted the Buda 2030 Comprehensive Plan on October 18, 2011. The citizen-created plan is intended to guide growth and development over the next ten to twenty years. To read the adopting ordinance and the Plan in its entirety, click on the file link below.

The fun is only just beginning! In order to keep the plan alive and to realize its vision, the citizens, stakeholders, leaders, businesses, and other government entities need to pursue the actions and objectives outlined in Buda 2030.

Buda 2030 Comprehensive Plan

Other Long-Range Plans

With the Comprehensive Plan as the overall guiding document for the City of Buda, the City has also adopted a number of other plans in an effort to implement the Comprehensive Plan. These plans vary widely in size, topic and scope.

Transportation Master Plan

Parks Master Plan

Drainage Master Plan Phase 1

Drainage Master Plan Phase 2

Facilities Master Plan and Space Needs Assessment

Capital Improvement Projects 2019-2023 - Adopted

Downtown Master Plan

Transit Development Plan

Utility Infrastructure & Capacity Planning

Water Supply

Wastewater Master Plan