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MethodList NameDescription
Bid & Procurement NoticesA listing of various bid and procurement notices for prospective contractors and vendors.
City Council Agendas
Informational AlertsNotices: weather alerts, health alerts,
Press ReleasesSign up to receive official press releases from the City of Buda.
Website UpdatesInformation about significant changes or new features available on this website.

Agenda Center

MethodList NameDescription
City Council
Local Government CorporationReceives, invests and disburses all funds, does accounting for reporting on all financial activity, coordinates the independent audit, budget development, and administration and financing for projects on the Cabela's Tax Reinvestment Zone.

Alert Center

MethodList NameDescription
Emergency AlertsGet EMERGENCY ALERTS sent you by email or text. These alerts are designed to notify Citizens of any emergency situations within the City of Buda or outside of Buda that would affect Buda citizens.
Information AlertsGet important City information sent you by email or text. These alerts are designed to inform citizens of any new or significant information regarding City operations and their effects on residents.
Lane Closure NotificationsThe City of Buda provides this information to advise the public of any street work requiring lane closures in Buda and nearby areas.

Bid Postings

MethodList NameDescription
City of Buda Bids & Proposals


MethodList NameDescription
Bond UpdatesUpdates about the five propositions passed in the November 2014 election.
Sustainability BlogA place to learn sustainability tips and ideas for the residents and businesses of Buda.


MethodList NameDescription
Buda Events CalendarCalendar of all City events in Buda
Police Events CalendarThis calendar is used to record training, time off and other events related just to the Police Department

News Flash

MethodList NameDescription
City NewsGet the most recent City news, press releases and announcements.