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Smart Watch Program

  1. City of Buda Smart Watch Program
    The Smart Watch Program is a voluntary community program which allows residences and businesses to register their surveillance system with the Buda Police Department. Your information will be added to a directory so the police know who to contact if a crime occurs in an area known to have a surveillance system. Participation in the Smart Watch Program does not grant the Buda Police Department direct remote access to any cameras on private property. Please fill out the following information to join the Buda Police Department's Smart Watch Program and help the fight against crime!
    It is the goal of Smart Watch Program to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Buda Police Department and the communities we serve. By registering your camera in the Smart Watch Program, you agree to the following: 1. You are the owner or representative of the camera and have authorized the use of the camera and its recorded content to participate in the Smart Watch Program You are not considered an agent, employee or representative of the City of Buda or Buda Police Department. 2. Any and all video surveillance footage shall remain your property until it is requested by the Buda Police Department and collected from you by the Buda Police Department. Your voluntary participation in the program shall not be construed as an obligation to release any surveillance video to the Buda Police Department upon request. 3. Video images captured and shared may be used in criminal proceedings. 4. You are fully responsible for your own surveillance system, and assume all risks and liabilities associated with operating said system. 5. You agree to hold the City of Buda, Texas and the Buda Police Department blameless for your participation in the Smart Watch Program. 6. By submitting this form, you are aware of and consent to the release of video imagery to the public/media, as necessary, for the Buda Police Department, or to requestors, as allowed under the Texas Public Information Act.
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