Alfred “Freddy” Erdman

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Alfred Erdman-headshotAlfred “Freddy” Erdman
City of Buda Program Lead for Community Affairs Division, BPD

Subject Area Expertise:  Community Engagement, Neighborhood Policing, Building Partnerships, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Blue Santa Programs, National Night Out, and Crime Prevention.

Alfred “Freddy” Erdman serves a sworn Peace Officer and Program Lead in the Buda Police Department’s first Community Affairs Division. He also is the BPD’s liaison to the Buda Police Foundation. He also holds Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Advanced Peace Officer certification and is a TCOLE Certified Crime Prevention specialist (CCPS). Officer Erdman joined Law Enforcement with 15 years’ experience as a private-sector executive protection and security specialist. The Community Affairs Division’s primary task is building partnerships with the community in order to meet current and future challenges together. Partnership building is accomplished through focused efforts in crime prevention, outreach and community relations functions.

Officer Erdman graduated from California State University with degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and Sociology.

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