Alarm Permits

City of Buda Alarm Permit Ordinance

The City of Buda recently approved an alarm system ordinance, therefore amending Chapter 6 of the City of Buda Code of Ordinances by adding Article 6.04, Alarm System.  The ordinance requires all residences, commercial sites, and educational or governmental premises apply for an alarm permit.  The purpose of this ordinance is to encourage alarm users and alarm companies to properly use and maintain alarm systems to improve the reliability of alarm systems and to reduce or eliminate false alarms. 

Article 6.04 outlines the duties of the alarm user, alarm systems companies, and authority of the alarm administrator (City of Buda). The full text of the ordinance can be found here. We invite you to become familiar with the guidelines set forth and welcome any questions that may arise. The ordinance itself will go into effect October 1, 2020; however, registration fees and false alarm penalties will be waived until after January 1, 2021. During this period, citizens are strongly encouraged to register their alarms while the department develops and prepares to implement the application and fee payment processes.  

Please click here for the Application for Alarm Permit. Unfortunately, we do not have an online registration option at this time, but you may email your completed application to, submit by mail, or drop off in person.

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