Single Member Districts are updated when the City Council adopts an ordinance authorizing annexations or disannexations.  The maps are updated to reflect the new boundary within each district.  To locate your specific district, click here to access the GIS Map.  Under the LAYERS tab, select SINGLE MEMBER DISTRICTS and BUDA CITY LIMITS, and search by your address.  If you need additional information regarding the districts or elected officers of the City, click here.  

The following Ordinances outline the boundary changes since 2018.  For additional information, please contact the Office of the City Clerk.

2021 Single Member District Map     1) Ordinance 2021-22 SMD B Amended Boundary     2) Ordinance 2020-17 SMD A Amended Boundary    3) Ordinance 2018-14 SMD C Amended Boundary

GIS Map - Click here and search by address

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​In November 2017, voters approved an amendment to the City Charter for the City of Buda to transition to single-member districts. Buda City Council Places 2, 4, and 6 will be the first to switch from at-large to single-member districts. These Places are now assigned as District A (Place 4), District B (Place 6), and District C (Place 2).

​​In June 2018, Council approved the district boundary lines for Districts A, B, and C. These single-member districts are the boundaries for electing City Councilmembers beginning with the November 2018 Election.  A flow chart is available on the website for your convenience outlining the transition process of the single-member districts. ​​  The boundary lines for Council Districts A, B, and C (depicted in Illustrative Plan 2 - the map) are available below.