Buda Trail of Lights

About the event

Holiday cheer radiates throughout the season! Take a walk through Historic Stagecoach Park to view twinkling lights and illuminated displays. Guests are shuttled from Cabela's to enjoy the array of festive scenes at their leisure. Food, fun, and holiday splendor await visitors, along with a visit from Santa himself. 

🎁🎊Are you ready for Buda Trail of Lights in Historical Stagecoach Park? So are we!
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Stagecoach Park

Buda Trail of Lights History


The idea for Buda Trail of Lights was created by former Buda Councilmember Cathy Chilcote, as Stagecoach Park had just been deeded to the City of Buda by the Urban Family. The Inaugural Trail of Lights began in 2009 and was held near Stagecoach House and the low water crossing while the park was still under construction. In the first event, 18 local business participated, drawing about 3,000 visitors. The budget for the first event was $45,000.

2010 -- A new layout was developed for the second Buda Trail of Lights with the intent of making use of the trail system as Stagecoach Park was completed. It was a two-week event that ran Monday through Sunday. At this event, the parking lots were also lit up, and all lights were staked in the ground. Shuttle buses ran from Cabela’s to Stagecoach Park. After the buses ran over the parking lot lights, it was decided not to repeat adding parking lot lights the following year. The park windmill was made to look like a holiday tree and a bonfire pit was dug at the front of the park. Santa's village was set up at the overlook by the pond.

A special "Senior Night" was started with help from Buda Lions Club.

About 11,000 people attended this Buda Trail of Lights event. About 47 business participated. Park staff strung about 20,000 LED lights on the trail, making it about .62 of a mile long. The only concession was Santa Cruz Catholic School.

2011 -- Lights were installed from Stagecoach House down the trail to the back of the pond. All of the lights were in-ground staked. About 5,000 more lights added to the trail. An additional lighted holiday tree was added to the island in the pond. The budget for this Buda Trail of Lights was reduced to $35,000.  Because the City of Austin's Trail of Lights at Zilker Park was closed that year, a lot of Austin residents attended Buda's Trail of Lights.

2012 -- U.S. Foods sponsored a 60-foot holiday tree that was installed for Buda's 2012 Trail of Lights. Park staff estimated about 15,000 people visited Stagecoach Park for Trail of Lights.

2013 -- Parks Department took over the event to continue its survivability.

2015 --  An international group of about 65 Japanese visitors from Houston toured Buda's Trail of Lights.

2016 -- Drop-off and pick-up locations were established to assist with crowds.

2017 -- Serendipitously, the Central Texas area was hit with a snowstorm this year, making opening day of  Buda Trail of Lights somewhat of a Winter Wonderland.

2020 -- Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City resumed the Buda Trail of Lights as a drive-through only event.

2021 -- In bringing Buda Trail of Lights back to the traditional walk-through of displays, the City reduced the full two weeks of viewing to two four-day weekends (Wednesdays - Saturdays) in December, with the first day reserved as a night for senior citizens. 

2023 --