Illicit Discharge and Illegal Dumping

An illicit discharge is defined as any discharge to the municipal separate storm sewer system that is not composed entirely of stormwater. Storm drains are located in streets, usually along curbs, and all substances/water that enters the drains discharges into the nearest body of water, untreated. The City of Buda adopted an Illicit Discharge Ordinance to comply with the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) required MS4 permit and to protect local water quality.

Report a Spill, Illicit Discharge, and Illegal Dumping

Are you aware of any spills, illicit discharges, illegal dumping,
or any suspicious construction activity?
Please call 512-312-2876 (City of Buda Public Works department) or 512-393-7896 (Hays County Dispatch non-emergency) to report any spill or discharges other than surface and ground waters into the city storm drain system. You can also email at For emergencies call 911.

If you see these types of activities remember to report:
  • When and Where the incident occurred
  • Who is responsible for the spill/dumping, including the vehicle, license plate and personal description if possible
  • What the substance that is being spilled/dumped is and/or what it looks like
Illicit discharge and illegal dumping examples:
illicit discharge image.jpg -Motor oil, antifreeze or any other motor vehicle fluid
-Garbage, trash or yard waste
-Industrial and hazardous waste
-Fertilizer and pesticides (Don't apply right before it rains and don't use
more than is required)
-Draining a swimming pool or spa (that has not been dechlorinated)into a storm drain
-Dumping of landscape material
-Contaminated water from construction sites