City Clerk

Office of the City Clerk           

The City Clerk is a Charter Officer of the municipality appointed by the City Manager. Under the City Charter and state law, the City Clerk's Office is charged with a number of diverse responsibilities, including:

  • Serve as the chief elections officer of the City
  • Serve as the official custodian of all City records
  • Manage the City's Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act compliance
  • Coordinate the City Council agenda process
  • Verify all petitions submitted to the City
  • Coordinate the recruitment and appointment process for boards and commissions
  • Administer and manage the Senior Transportation Service - STAR
  • Administer and manage Alcoholic Beverage and Solicitor Permits

Additional information about the City Clerk's Office can be found in Sec. 5.02(d) of the City Charter, Sec. Sec. 2.02.031 of the Code of Ordinances, and Sec. 22.073 of the Texas Local Government Code.


The City Clerk's Office provides many services to the general public. These services are listed on the left sidebar.